We take ones entire path into consideration. Growth and development are paramount

‘You've come a long way...’


‘A snapshot, such as a résumé, never tells the whole story. We take into account the entire road that brought a person to where he is. Growth and development are paramount. Life experience, knowledge, competencies, personality: the complete and genuine human being behind the CV.’

Everyone Authentiek

‘Authentiek finds you the right people for your company. Whether you are looking for temporary reinforcements or have a full time position opening up. And once the right people are in the right places, we ensure their growth continues.’

We are specialized in search and selection, recruitment, career development and outplacement of highly trained finance and IT professionals. We know our candidates, your company and your industry. And of course we have our knowledgeability of the business and an extensive network at our disposal. Our style is casual, yet direct and clear. We mediate between people and organisations with authenticity, that put their heart and soul into their work the same way we do.


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Who we are

At Authentiek, learning and doing are inseparable. Growing, taking initiative and time to learn is of great importance in our company. Reflecting on the things you say and on the role you play in a situation is required. Employees of Authentiek are customer focussed in all of their endeavours.

Gianni and Lauren make up the new elan, with their enthusiasm to learn and experience. Lauren’s focus on the end result allows her to work steadily towards her goal. Gianni is focussed on optimising our work processes and is therefore able to discover more efficient ways of working.. Next to this he develops a good eye for analysing market data.