Allowing people and product to flourish


‘When our people grow, the company grows, and vice versa. Where do they want to go? Are they in the right place? What can be improved? I feel like everyone here has more potential. How can we allow our people and product to flourish?’

When your employees grow, your company grows. You want to make the most of what you have, to make use of the best of unexpected talents, chances or innovation. Authentiek specializes in the support and coordination of development. We ensure that your employees know their capacities and exploit them optimally.

Career guidance

‘Are people in the function that is right for them? I want to know who is ready for a new challenge, another approach. In our company? Or a different path altogether? Let’s look ahead and make plans.’

You want to have a clear view of the qualities of your employees and the possibilities they have, in order to maximize use of their capabilities. Your employees want to do satisfying work, the ability to grow and build towards a promising future. Authentiek’s career guidance helps them figure out where they stand in their career, which direction their path is to take and how to go about achieving that goal.

Career path

Authentiek and your employee cooperate to find out his or her capacities, drives, interests, qualities, strong features and pitfalls. Questionnaires and role play exercises aid in this process. Character traits and professional interests are translated into concrete career choices and planning. Such a plan contains points to develop and career opportunities, as well as the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve goals that were set. Steps may include coaching or enrolling for further education, or even changing functions.


‘People who excel at what they do take pleasure in going to work. I want to see this pleasure in my workforce. Are they aware what their strongest facets are? Who can help them progress?’

Performing better

Through coaching, Authentiek helps your employees to (re)discover and develop their talents and skills. A personal challenge that leads to increased self-awareness and better performing. We support your employees in assessing their ambitions, boosting their effectiveness and broadening their competencies, as well as finding more enthusiasm for their work.


Authentiek helps your employee to assert the goals of the coaching. With that a concrete plan of the content, method and duration of the coaching process is made. Each process is different as it is tailored to specific needs, but in general comprises 6 to 8 sessions, each lasting about an hour and a half. Coaching may entail discussions with the coach, discussing theoretical approaches and applying this in the actual workplace, role play exercises; it depends what the goals and the personality of the employee are.