I need someone with a keen eye for this


Search and selection

‘Posting job ads, reading countless letters and résumé’s… each candidate has a lot to offer. How do I know if I have invited the right candidate? I need someone with a keen eye for this, who knows me and my company well.’

You are looking for the right person for the job. Someone who thinks, works and grows along with your company, who is knowledgeable, but also suits the personality of your company.
Authentiek knows who you are looking for. If they are not already in our database, we find them in our extensive network or through the right media. Whether you have a vacancy for permanent staffing or looking only for temporary reinforcement. There are plenty of possibilities: from payrolling to  interim management and freelance employment.



‘We have a very direct way of working here. Emotional points of view are not shunned. We challenge each other with vigor. Some people will not be comfortable with that. I want someone with grit, who suits our way of working and challenges us.’

From job opening to contract

Authentiek unites your interest - an employee who adds value - with that of the candidate - an interesting job. We offer complete support, from managing with the advertising of the vacancy / job to consulting with the contract offer.

We help you with:

  • Drafting profiles of the function and the ideal candidate
  • Recruiting candidates from our database, through our network and relevant media
  • Preselecting and presenting adequate candidates in reports
  • Offering support and advice regarding interviews and career choices
  • The complete recruitment process, which generally takes 8 to 10 weeks

More than a résumé

Through careful research, we determine the educational level, knowledgeability, competencies and experience of candidates. People are more than what can be summed up on their CVs, however. Authentiek takes time to uncover those forgotten or ‘hidden’ skills and talents. One of the ways of achieving this is through assessments.

Our candidates

Most of our candidates think and work at an academic (Master or Bachelor (HBO)) level and have upwards of five years experience in advanced functions in the fields of finance and/or IT. All our candidates have good command of English; German, French and Spanish speakers have an advantage. We know the competences and experiences of our candidates, but also their personalities, desires and expectations.

Interim Professionals

‘We have been performing to the maximum of our capacities for a while now. Is our current workload structural? I don’t even have the time to investigate that. What I need now is a specialist to assist me for a while.’

Temporary or project-based

There are multiple reasons for choosing to work with temporary, external employees. You may have a job that requires expert knowledge which is not on hand in the permanent workforce. Or need professionals to implement drastic changes in your business, who are not motivated by self-interest. Authentiek helps you find exactly that temporary employee, manager or consultant you need.

Finance and IT professionals

Authentiek specializes in bringing together high-end technical professionals for financial and IT functions. We have our own database of experts, who are knowledgeable and committed to their work and to your organisation. If the person you seek is not already in our files, we will find him for you.

The right match

A temporary employee is not an island, but works together with you in achieving concrete goals. It is important, therefore, that a candidate suits your organisation to a tee. Sometimes this means finding a person who is on the same page as your other employees, but other times you may need a fresh perspective on your organisation. Authentiek carefully examines the characters of both the candidate and your company, to ensure a proper match.